The Point of the Present Moment

Milky Way

“I have met a lot of Zen Masters in my life; all of them cats.” Eckhart Tolle

It is easy to forget that our ancestors were naturally enlightened. It is only when our minds evolved to a certain point that we were able to conceptualize the past and future. Before then, the entire planet was populated with Buddha’s. Some might argue that we were no more than savage beasts, but the thought of something being “better” only exists when there is a species able to think it, and no matter how hard one tries, comparison will always be a subjective endeavor.

There is a huge misconception that spirituality means going backwards. You see many people trying to “get back to their roots”. The key word here is “trying”. There is nothing inherently spiritual about beating on drums in a park, or dancing around a fire. Both of these things might be enjoyable, but if someone is doing them just because they are “spiritual”, it doesn’t matter how hard he pounds away, he will not be able to enjoy the experience. Likewise, if someone is giving their full attention to cleaning the kitchen, not only will their kitchen be efficiently cleaned, but he or she is likely to enjoy the experience, and even grow from it.

Your mind evolved to be powerful and complex to help you survive, not to make you happy. The present moment is so rich and full- infinitely so. The point of all your yoga, meditation, etc.. is to be able to push away the past and future when you desire, and fully enjoy it.

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